Air Cooling Shrink

Rolling shrink with double roller

Point shrink with double roller

Air Blow Shrink is more rapid and

simpler work than Wet cloths shrink's

Single Roller Type
Roller Size Dia.28mm


Double Roller Type
Roller Size Dia.28mmx2
Weight 350g
Shrink Amp 700A~1000A




Auto Spotter

  1. Mini Spotter AS-60
  2. ASI-12000T
  3. ASI-12000T-II
  4. ASI-14000T-2
  5. AS-1500GII
  6. AS-50

Carbon Heater

  1. VMC-7000C
  2. VMC-8000C

Paint Booth

Other Products

  1. Air Cooling Shrink
  2. X Gun (water cooled)
  3. Cable Support
  4. Handy Pullers
  5. Pullers


  1. Consumable Supplies